6 hasta el 10 de Sep '15 CONGRESO
European Conference on the Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules ECSBM 2015

Patrocinador Prof. Dr. Klaus Gerwert
Lugar de realización Ruhr University, Bochum, Alemania

The ECSBM conference is one of the premiere meetings for researchers that study biological molecules by spectroscopic methods including FTIR, Raman, Fluorescence, UV/VIS, NMR and ESR. It is held every 2 years since 1985 and draws scientists in this field especially from Europe. For this meeting internationally renowned scientists have already agreed to speak and guarantee cutting-edge science.

Special topics of the 16th ECSBM will be molecular reaction mechanisms and interactions of proteins monitored by time-resolved spectroscopy, especially time-resolved FTIR. In addition marker-free vibrational imaging of cells and tissue by FTIR and Raman imaging and the application of these techniques in diagnostics will be another high-light.

We highly encourage renowned and junior researchers to contribute to the program of the conference and submit abstracts on their current research. About 75% of the talks will be chosen from the submitted abstracts. Abstracts not chosen for a talk will be considered as posters.

Abstract submission should be done online until 21st April 2015.

I am looking forward to welcome you in Bochum to a lively conference. A promotion of the "Call for abstracts" and display of the linked poster in your institute would be very much appreciated.

For further information please refer to the conference homepage www.ecsbm2015.de or contact us via email ECSBM2015@bph.rub.de.